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A semi truck on the side of a road, awaiting RDI Power mobile fleet maintenance

You may be asking, “what is mobile fleet maintenance”? Mobile fleet maintenance is a service where trained technicians are deployed to customer sites with a fully equipped vehicle of tools to perform services on vehicles.

1. Employment Costs

With a mobile fleet maintenance partner, you can avoid staffing additional employees to perform service work on your fleet. Most companies are only able to staff technicians capable of conducting standard maintenance vehicles require. Many vehicles in a fleet will require additional repairs or service beyond the scope of the standard maintenance your staff is trained and equipped to handle. Avoid the cost and hassle of unnecessary staff by partnering with a quality mobile fleet maintenance partner.

2. Parts

A valuable mobile fleet maintenance company maintains a wide variety of parts for every type of vehicle in your fleet. Mobile technicians will have access to your vehicles’ parts to get your vehicles back up and running quickly and efficiently. Many companies will not stock the most common parts due to the expense and space they require. This can create extended downtime and additional costs to your fleet.

3. Quality

In-house technicians hired to do preventative maintenance may not be trained or qualified to find more concerning issues with a vehicle. With a professional mobile fleet maintenance provider, regular inspections are conducted when working preventative maintenance services. This helps companies identify potential issues before they become more costly. Catching issues early on can reduce the expense and avoid a breakdown and additional tow charges.  

4. Equipment

Most companies with a fleet of vehicles do not have the equipment to perform all the necessary repairs your vehicle may face in its lifetime. The capital expense required to purchase every piece of equipment is not financially beneficial. Transporting your vehicles to a shop can be expensive whether you are paying an employee to drive the vehicle and wait for its repair or taking on the cost of a towing expense. An experienced mobile fleet maintenance company will have all the equipment and software required to perform every service your vehicle needs to stay on the road.

5. Convenience

In addition to the amazing cost-saving benefits of a mobile fleet maintenance company, there is also a significant convenience. Mobile fleet maintenance providers like RDI Fleet will service your company’s vehicles after-hours so we do not interrupt your operations.

6. Savings

Partnering with a quality mobile fleet maintenance company is provides unquestionable time and cost savings for fleet owners. Mobile fleet partners reduce employment costs, part costs, equipment expenses, and time savings.

7. Warranty

Some mobile fleet maintenance companies even offer a warranty on the work and parts they do. RDI Fleet offers a 2-year 24k mile warranty on all parts and labor. Having a warranty protects your fleet and offers a guarantee for your vehicles.

RDI Fleet

RDI Fleet is the premier mobile fleet maintenance company in the Tampa Bay area. We operate a team of highly trained mobile technicians with state-of-the-art service vehicles. Please contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your fleet and how we can serve you! Learn more about RDI Fleet and our fleet program here.