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Exhaust System Repair in Brooksville, FL

When you need exhaust service and repair on your diesel truck, RDI Power (RedLine Diesel, Inc.) in Brooksville, FL can help you out. We have the equipment and the experienced technicians at our auto repair shop to replace or repair the exhaust on your truck.

A damaged exhaust system compromises your vehicle’s performance. It also increases emissions and could allow toxic exhaust gasses into the cabin of your vehicle, which is harmful to your health. If you sleep in your truck, it could be fatal.

Close up of an exhaust repair system

If you have a broken or leaking exhaust, contact RDI Power for an appointment with our mechanic to repair the exhaust problem.

Parts of the Exhaust System

Most people think of the exhaust pipe, muffler, and catalytic converter when they think of the exhaust system. However, there is more to the system, and we at RDI Power can repair or replace all of these parts:

  • The exhaust manifold is attached to the engine. It carries the exhaust from the engine on the exhaust stroke through the exhaust system, including the catalytic converter and muffler.
  • The catalytic converter on a diesel truck is usually a diesel oxidation catalyst. This part of the converter converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. It also breaks down unburned fuel. It is the first part of the catalytic converter and usually the smallest component.
    • The diesel particulate filter captures soot from the diesel engine and allows them to enter the converter from the inlet side. It holds the soot particulates until they can be broken down and regenerated. In the regeneration process, the organic material is burned, which creates carbon dioxide and water. The high temperature in the diesel particulate filter burns the soot particulates.
    • The selective catalytic reduction catalyst reduces the NOx gases. This part of the catalytic converter uses diesel exhaust fluid – usually ammonia or urea – to remove NOx from the exhaust.
  • Your vehicle might have an exhaust gas recirculation system. If so, your vehicle won’t have a selective catalytic reduction system and won’t use diesel exhaust fluid.
  • The exhaust pipe moves the cleaner exhaust gases to the muffler.
  • The muffler reduces the noise created by combustion and the expulsion of the exhaust.
  • The tailpipe is the last piece in the system and is where the exhaust finally leaves the vehicle.

Exhaust Repair and Replacement

In many cases, we can repair the exhaust on your vehicle. Repairs might include patching holes, welding a muffler bracket back in place or tightening a loose connection.

In some cases, it might be less expensive to replace the part of the system that is broken. And, in some other cases, you will simply have to replace the broken part.

An exhaust pipe on a vehicle

Signs of a Bad Exhaust System

Some of the signs of a bad exhaust system include:

  • Your vehicle’s exhaust sounds louder.
  • The engine “rattles” or misfires.
  • You might hear a clunking from the muffler.
  • The tailpipe is dragging or dangling.
  • You see condensation in the exhaust pipe.
  • You can smell the exhaust.

A muffler generally lasts anywhere from 40,000 to 80,000 miles. If you drive in certain conditions, such as through water, where the roads are often salted in the winter, or you hit debris or a pothole, you might have to repair or replace your vehicle’s muffler or repair the exhaust system sooner.

Contact RDI Power for Exhaust System Repair in Brooksville, FL

When your vehicle’s exhaust fails, contact RDI Power for an appointment for exhaust service and repair.