Vehicle Electrical Repair in Brooksville, FL

As you are driving down the road, you see the check engine light come up. Most likely, your heart jumps a bit, and you all of a sudden start paying more attention to your vehicle.

In some cases, the vehicle will continue running, and you might not even realize that something is wrong other than the check engine light is on. In other cases, the vehicle might continue running but will run poorly. And in other cases, the vehicle might shut off and will not start again.

Truck batteries being charged at RDI Power. Contact us for Electrical repair needs.

The check engine light only tells you that the control module stored a code. You need to retrieve the codes with a code reader. As the leading auto repair shop in Brooksville, FL, RDI Power (RedLine Diesel, Inc.) has the appropriate equipment to pull the codes to help in the diagnosis of the problem.

If the check engine light is on in your vehicle, contact a diagnostics mechanic at RDI Power to make an appointment for your vehicle.

Electrical Problems in a Diesel

All vehicles, including diesel vehicles, can have electrical problems as sensors and other parts wear out. However, just pulling the codes doesn’t always give you the correct answer. For example, if a MAP or MAF sensor sends a code, the wiring could have failed, or a sensor could have failed.

Our certified auto technicians use the codes as part of the puzzle to determine what the problem is. In many cases, it just might be the sensor itself.

You could also have a problem with the control module. A control module can’t diagnose itself, so it will send erroneous codes.

When the tech pulls the codes, they don’t always make logical sense. For example, the control module might throw a coolant sender code, but the vehicle is not overheating and the gauge seems to be working. That would cause the techs to suspect that something is wrong with the control module.

Additional Electronic Diagnostics

The computer system and sensors are not the only electronics that can fail on your vehicle. We also have the equipment to diagnose other electrical systems, including the ignition system, charging system, lighting, the electronics in the heating and air conditioning system, and any other system you might find on a diesel truck, such as the electronics that control a tow bed.

While it is rare that wiring fails, it is possible. If rodents get into the engine compartment, they could chew through wires. A wiring harness could fall onto the hot exhaust. If the insulation on two wires melts and the two wires touch, you could have a short that would cause all kinds of problems.

An electrical diagnostic machine hooked up to a truck at RDI Power

Even driving through water could cause electrical problems if enough water gets into a wiring harness or onto certain electronics. Not only will we find the problem in the wiring, but we’ll find what caused the problem and repair that, too.

At RDI Power, we have the diagnostic equipment to trace electrical issues and determine the problem, from a simple blown fuse to a broken wire.

Contact RDI Power in Brooksville, FL for Electrical System Repair of Your Vehicle

When you have electronic issues with your vehicle, contact RDI Power in Brooksville, FL for electronic diagnostics and electrical repair. Whether the issue is in the computer system or in any of the other electrical systems in the vehicle, we can find and fix it.

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