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Oil Change & Lube Service in Brooksville, FL

Part of maintaining your diesel engine is changing the oil. An engine has many moving parts – some have over 100 moving parts, and the tolerances – down to the thousandths of an inch – between those parts are very tight.

That means the oil must be clean to keep the engine running smoothly. The oil keeps all of these moving parts lubricated. It also helps to keep the engine cooler by reducing the friction between those tight tolerances.

An RDI Power technician performs an oil change service

If you allow the engine oil to get too old and dirty, or it gets too low, its functionality decreases, which means that engine longevity decreases. And if the oil gets low enough or dirty enough, you could end up with some very expensive repairs.

When it’s time for an oil and filter change and chassis lube, contact a service advisor at RDI Power (RedLine Diesel, Inc.) to schedule an appointment.

When You Should Change the Oil

Your engine’s manufacturer has recommended time frames to change the oil. The manual will have one time frame for regular driving and another for driving under adverse conditions, such as doing a lot of mountain driving, towing, or even driving on gravel roads. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for your engine and for the type of driving that you do.

What We Do During an Oil Change

At our auto repair shop in Brooksville, FL. we don’t just drain the oil and put new oil in your diesel engine when you bring it in for an oil change. We also change the filter and add oil formulated for diesel engines, lube the chassis, and check for upcoming issues.

Some of the issues we look for include:

  • Oil leaks
  • Transmission fluid leaks
  • Power steering fluid leaks
  • Brake fluid leaks
  • Coolant leaks
  • Issues with the suspension and steering
  • Tire tread wear – normal and uneven – and separated tires
  • Low brake pads and  scored rotors
  • Failing accessory belts and hoses
  • Failing idler and tensioner pulleys
  • Hydraulic hoses for dry rotting and cracking
A mechanic at RDI Power checks under the hood of a truck while performing an oil change

We’ll also top off the fluids for you. If you wish, we will also change the engine air filter.

Should I Change the Oil if I Just Topped it Off?

Yes. Always check the oil and top it off if it’s low. But, don’t put off an upcoming oil change. The new oil mixes with the old dirty oil and becomes just as dirty.

However, never drive your vehicle with low oil. It’s better to top it off and then have to change it in the next couple of days. If you drive your truck with low oil, especially when you don’t know how fast your truck is using oil or leaking it, you could be in for a new engine.

Contact RDI Power for Oil change & Lube Service in Brooksville, FL

When it’s time to change the oil in your diesel truck, contact RDI Power for an appointment. Let us know if you need any additional services while we have your truck, including changing the engine air filter, cabin air filters, belts, or flushing and replacing the coolant, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and power steering fluid.

Call us at (352) 433-3800. Our shop is located at 1665 Donto Way, Brooksville, FL 34601.