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Are Diesel Engines More Expensive to Repair & Maintain? 

Are Diesel Engines More Expensive to Repair & Maintain? | RDI Power in Brooksville, FL. Closeup image of a mechanic wearing his gloves in preparation for heavy-duty diesel engine repair work.When it’s time for a new vehicle, one of the questions you might ask yourself is whether to get a diesel- or a gasoline-powered vehicle. Diesel-powered vehicles have plenty of pros, but they also have some cons. 

Some say diesel engines are generally more expensive to repair and maintain. Is this true? Maybe, but know that diesel vehicles are not fixed as often as gas-powered ones. 

Let’s look at the repair and maintenance costs of diesel vs. gas engines

Fewer Trips to the Shop

One way diesel vehicles are less expensive to work on is because they require fewer trips to the shop. 

Their oil change intervals are about the same as gas-powered vehicles, but they don’t use spark plugs. Instead of igniting the fuel and air in the cylinders with spark plugs, the engine compresses the fuel and air mixture to create enough heat to ignite the diesel fuel.

If you frequently tow, the manufacturer does require more frequent diesel maintenance. However, gas-powered vehicles driven under extreme conditions, such as frequent towing or driving in the mountains, also require frequent maintenance.

Longer-Lasting Engines

While a diesel engine is an internal combustion engine like a gas engine, it lasts much longer. 

Diesel engines use stronger internal parts because they are subjected to high compression. A gas engine uses a spark to ignite the mixture in the cylinder; its parts do not have to be as heavy as those in a diesel engine.

Thus, a diesel vehicle is more expensive to buy, and the parts cost more. However, they don’t break as often or wear out as fast as those in a gas-powered vehicle. 

On average, a gas-powered vehicle goes about 200,000 miles before it needs extensive repair. A diesel vehicle can rack up a million miles before it needs extensive repair.

Is Diesel Worth the Extra Money?

In a nutshell, spending the extra money on a diesel engine is worth it if you plan to keep the vehicle for ten years or more, tow a lot, or do a lot of severe driving. Diesel repair will be less frequent than gas engine repair, and maintenance is about the same.

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