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Does Your 2003 to 2016 Ford Have Bad Cab Mounts?

Does Your 2003 to 2016 Ford Have Bad Cab Mounts? with RDI Power in Spring Hill FL; closeup image of a faulty cab mount from truck in shop

Although your beloved Power Stroke diesel engine likely gets all the love, other parts on your 2003 to 2016 Ford truck may demand attention from time to time as well. The cab mounts, for example, have the potential to go bad, resulting in terrible noises and poor ride quality. When that happens, you might not find it all that enjoyable to drive your truck around. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution – and our team at RDI Power is here to help. Ready to get started? Here’s what you need to know.

Common Signs of Bad Cab Mounts

The suspension is often to blame for the ride quality issues caused by bad cab mounts. As you hear loud squeaking or feel clunking underfoot, for example, you might suspect that the shocks are on the way out, or perhaps it’s time to get your ball joints replaced.

A good way to check if it’s the bad cab mounts and not the suspension causing the issues is by looking at the alignment of your doors. When the cab mounts go bad, the doors don’t like to line up right anymore, causing you to have to slam them to engage the latch mechanism. If it’s really bad, the latch might even fail to fully engage, which allows the door to fly open while going around corners.

You can also look at the gap in the fender. If it’s wider at the top than the bottom, then you likely have a sagging cab due to worn or damaged body mounts.

Why Get Body Mounts Replaced Right Away

As soon as you notice the symptoms of bad body mounts, it’s important to get them fixed right away. The cab mounts on your Ford truck go bad as the flexible bushing wears down and cracks apart.

Once the bushing material is fully broken down, rust starts to spread from the hardware to the edges of the cab. Beyond that, as the door and fender misalignments worsen, you could accidentally cause body damage by simply opening and closing your door. The window seals will fail to close up the cab completely, potentially resulting in mold and mildew growth.

So, to avoid all that, you can schedule a visit to your diesel mechanic in Brooksville, FL, right upon noticing poor ride quality, door misalignments, and other issues. They will perform a full digital inspection and other diagnostic steps to track down the problem and let you know if your Ford has bad cab mounts.

closeup image of brand new cab mounts and faulty cab mounts sitting side by side

Need Help with Bad Cab Mounts on Your Ford?

If you suspect your truck has bad body mounts, it’s time to schedule an appointment for Ford repair in Brooksville, FL. Thankfully, that’s quite easy to do with a call to (352) 433-3800  or by simply filling out our service request form. Either way, we will help you find the perfect time to bring your truck down to your diesel mechanic for a look. They will perform an inspection and check the condition of your cab mounts to let you know their repair recommendations.