6.0 Powerstroke Performance

While your diesel Powerstroke engine in Brooksville, FL is known for its reliability, regular preventative maintenance is crucial to protect it from the heat and extreme conditions under the hood. One way to further increase the durability of your engine is by “bulletproofing” it. This term can refer to various methods, but generally, it means addressing the four main pattern failures commonly associated with the Powerstroke engine. RDI Power specializes in bulletproofing these 6.0 Powerstroke engines by addressing these issues.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Oil Cooler Failure 

As one of the most common sources of failure, the OEM oil cooler acts like a radiator for your oil. It’s designed to keep your oil cool. However, the small coolant pathways in the oil cooler can and often do get clogged. When this occurs, it can cause thin engine oil, which can place your entire engine at risk.

OEM EGR Cooler Failure 

The OEM EGR cooler dilutes the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder with chilled exhaust gas, which helps lower the combustion temperature. While lower temperatures can help bolster performance, the OEM EGR cooler essentially helps protect your engine from overheating. If or when your OEM oil cooler becomes clogged, it can cause problems with the OEM EGR cooler.

Fuel Injection Control Module Power Supply Malfunction

The fuel injection control module (FICM) is the electronic component that manages the injectors in the engine. It does so by sending 48V to the injectors at the precise time. Over time, however, the power output tends to drop below the desired 48V. When this happens, the performance of your entire engine will suffer.

OEM Water Pump Failure 

Unfortunately, the original water pump on the Powerstroke engine comes equipped with a plastic impeller. Because the impeller is plastic, it’s susceptible to cracks and damage. When this happens, it can decrease the amount of coolant circulated throughout your engine.

The Head Studs

The Powerstroke 6.0L engine employs 10 head bolts for each cylinder to affix the head to the engine securely. However, these bolts are notorious for failure. Many 6.0 Powerstroke repair shops include replacing these studs in the bulletproofing process. In either case, replacing these factory studs can allow higher clamping force, reducing the likelihood of a stretched head bolt or head gasket failure.

Do I Need to Bulletproof My Engine?

Bulletproof Diesel typically focuses on the Ford Powerstroke Engine — specifically the 6.0L, 6.4L, and 6.7L Powerstroke engines. These engines are uniquely engineered to perform unrelenting, heavy-duty work. Because of the malfunctions previously mentioned above, Bulletproof Diesel parts and components are uniquely engineered to remedy the underlying malfunction.

While bulletproofing your diesel isn’t a requirement for it to function, doing so can help keep it in excellent shape for much longer. You will get more from your engine when you spend the money and time bulletproofing the build.

Should I Buy a New Powerstroke Engine or Buy a New Truck?

For most drivers of a Powerstroke engine, bulletproofing your engine is the way to go. Consider this: if you pay $4,000 for an engine upgrade and fortification, you will almost certainly get several more years of use out of it. On the other hand, purchasing a new truck can easily cost you between $45,000 to over $60,000. When comparing costs, bulletproofing your engine is the better and more cost-efficient way.

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