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Summer Diesel Truck Tips to Protect Your Rig From the Heat

Although your diesel truck is always down to hit the road, the summer weather can take a serious toll. As temperatures rise, the heat puts excess stress on all its major systems, potentially resulting in accelerated wear and damage. Fortunately, you can mitigate the high temps by having your Brooksville FL diesel mechanic perform all the right maintenance ahead of time. Ready to get started? Just follow these summer diesel truck tips to protect your rig from the heat.

Change Your Oil and Air Filter

To keep your diesel engine healthy and breathing freely, you need to regularly get the oil changed and replace the air filter. Most diesels have a 7,500-mile oil change interval, while the air filter can usually go for 30,000 miles. Your diesel mechanic in Spring Hill FL will let you know when to come in for these services, so you can keep your truck running strong through the summer and beyond.

Get a Coolant Flush

Like the engine oil, the coolant breaks down over time. This can impact its ability to keep your diesel engine at the right operating temp, especially when it’s hot outside. In addition, old coolant can accelerate corrosion in the radiator and other important parts in the cooling system. So, you definitely want to keep good coolant flowing through your diesel, which means getting a coolant flush every 30,000 to 50,000 miles.

Check Your Tires and Alignment

As temperatures rise, your tires may start to wear down faster than normal, especially if you’re taking your rig out for summer adventures on the regular. To keep your tires wearing down evenly, plan to have them rotated whenever you come in for an oil change or other diesel repair services. Plus, ask about getting a wheel alignment done at that time to further protect your tires while improving drivability.

Ask About A/C Service

If you want to stay cool and comfortable whenever you hit the road in your diesel truck, make sure to have A/C service performed at the start of the season. During that visit, your Spring Hill FL diesel mechanic will inspect the system for leaks or other problems. If all is well, they will make sure the vents blow cold air on demand, so your cabin stays cool while outside temperatures rise.

Need Diesel Truck Maintenance? Your Brooksville FL Diesel Mechanic Can Help

If you are ready to get your diesel truck maintenance completed before summer arrives, just give our team at RDI Power a call at (352) 433-3800 to schedule your visit. Or simply fill out our online form, and we’ll get in touch right away. We look forward to helping you find a convenient time and date to come by and get your rig ready for the heat. So, get in touch with us today to start putting these summer diesel truck tips to good use.