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Top 3 Reasons Diesel Fuel Injectors Fail

Is your diesel truck getting poor gas mileage or has trouble starting up, and then runs rough? If so, your fuel injectors may be struggling to keep up with the demands. In most cases, diesel fuel injectors fail due to these three causes, eventually leaving you without the use of your vehicle until they are rebuilt or replaced. To help you better understand what’s likely going on, here’s what you need to know before coming in for diesel repair services in Brooksville FL.

Poor Fuel Quality

When fuel injectors get gummed up inside by fuel impurities, they cannot properly atomize the diesel, so it can ignite in the combustion chamber. Unfortunately, all kinds of diesel fuel contaminants can build up during storage, such as:

  • Dust
  • Sand
  • Rust
  • Water

If the fuel is stored too long, it can also end up with microbes and fuel deterioration waste products in its mixture.

Although not complexly avoidable, you can prevent contaminants from damaging your injectors by getting the highest quality fuel you can afford. Plus, skip the fill up if you notice truck drivers refilling the tanks since that can stir up debris.

Worn Internal Parts

Diesel injectors have internal seals that direct the fuel through the system and allow it to build enough pressure to atomize. They also have a return spring that helps open and close the nozzle at the exact right times.

If any of these internal components go bad, the injectors may leak fuel, fail to open, or otherwise malfunction. At that point, all that’s left to do is replace the injectors to restore their normal operation.

Injector Solenoid Failure

The majority of diesel injectors operate using a coil that sends voltage to the solenoid valve. As that happens, the valve pops up, allowing the check ball to move out of the way of the flow of fuel.

If the solenoid fails, the inlet in the injector remains blocked and fuel fails to travel into your engine. In addition, the coil keeps getting power, causing that to promptly fail as well. When that occurs, you will need to have the injectors replaced by your diesel mechanic to restore the function of the fuel system.

When to Schedule a Visit with Your Brooksville FL Diesel Mechanic

All is right in the world when your diesel runs strong and gets you from place to place without breaking a sweat. So, the second you notice any issues, it’s wise to give us a call and get things worked out before the problem disrupts your day.

We will track down the cause and figure out how to best repair your diesel fuel injection system. Our Brooksville FL auto repair team can handle all other types of repairs as well, including suspension work, transmission repairs, and brake service.If any of that sounds like just what your vehicle needs, give us a call at (352) 433-3800  or fill out our online form to schedule a visit to RDI Power. We look forward to keeping your rig in fantastic condition, so please feel free to reach out today.