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Does Your Cummins ISB Have a Faulty EGR Cooler?

Does Your Cummins ISB Have a Faulty EGR Cooler? with RDI Power in Spring Hill, Fl. closeup image of clogged egr cooler

The EGR cooler on your Cummins ISB powerplant works hard to keep exhaust gas temps in the ideal range. So, if it fails, the internal temps could land in the danger zone, putting your diesel engine at serious risk of catastrophic damage. Fortunately, with help from your Brooksville, FL diesel mechanic, you can keep a close eye on this vital part and get it replaced at the first sign of a problem.

Signs of a Faulty EGR Cooler

Since you spend the most time with your Cummins diesel, you’re the first line of defense against damage caused by a faulty EGR cooler. To spot the issue as it develops, watch for these signs as you drive your truck.

High Coolant Temps

Since the EGR cooler keeps engine temps down, the first sign that it’s on its way out is climbing coolant temperatures. Before your travels, take a moment to glance at the coolant temperature gauge to see where it sits. If the gauge starts to move further than expected, let your diesel tech know right away. Red coolant temp light on? Park your truck to keep the engine from overheating and get a tow into the shop.

closeup image of clogged ibs system on cummins diesel

Leaks from the Exhaust

Since the EGR cooler is technically part of the exhaust system, it’s wise to listen for leaks as you start your Cummins ISB and drive around town. Exhaust leaks near the cooler will often sound like a tapping or hissing noise that gets steadily louder as the damage worsens. Although it could just point to the need for a new EGR cooler gasket, it could also signify that the whole part needs replacement.

Excessive Emissions

As a vital part of the emissions system, the EGR cooler must work properly, or your diesel truck will fail its emission test. When that happens, you just need to get into the auto repair shop to determine the cause and get EGR cooler replacement services. To spot this issue before going down for your test, always let your diesel mechanic know if you notice any increase in exhaust smells.

Beyond all these signs, you can trust your onboard computer to let you know the EGR cooler needs service by watching for a check engine light. When that light turns on, it’s always a good idea to get your truck into the shop for diagnostic services. Your tech will use a scan tool to check the function of the EGR system or otherwise track down the cause.

cummins isb egr cooler repalcement

Ready to Fix Your Cummins ISB? Aftermarket EGR Coolers to the Rescue

If you’d like true peace of mind on all your travels, you can call (352) 433-3800 to speak to our team at RDI Power about EGR cooler replacement. With the installation of an aftermarket EGR cooler, you can prevent failure of the stock part and protect your Cummins ISB from catastrophic damage. We’re always here to provide Brooksville FL fleet repairs and help maintain all your diesel trucks. So, please feel free to reach out whenever you need diesel maintenance and repair.