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Beat the Heat with Regular AC Service and Repair

Beat the Heat with Regular AC Service and Repair with RDI Power in Spring Hill Fl. image of black dodge ram diesel, 4 door pick up pictured outside in summer heat

Whether you have a Powerstroke, Cummins, or any other diesel powerplant under the hood, your truck is not just about sheer power and utility. Comfort matters, too, which is why it’s important to get AC service and repair before the hot weather arrives. Otherwise, you could end up sweating it out as your air conditioning fails to blow cold and keep you comfortable on all your travels. Ready to learn what it takes to keep AC systems going strong? Here’s what you need to know.

Keep It Chill, with Seasonal Air Conditioning Maintenance

Like any other vital system in your diesel truck, your air conditioning system needs regular maintenance to stay in good working order. Ideally, you’ll want to come in for this service well before the hot weather arrives, so you don’t get stuck in the heat. Your Brooksville FL auto tech will confirm that your system is full of refrigerant and blowing cold during your seasonal AC service and repair visit. Then, they will inspect the compressor, condenser, and evaporator to verify that they are in good condition. If all is well, then you can continue on your travels with confidence that your air conditioning will keep you cool and comfortable.

Not Blowing Cold? AC Leak Detection and Repair Services Can Help

If your AC system is not blowing cold air out of the vents, this could mean that you have a leak. Your auto repair tech will have to check the pressure in your system to see if the refrigerant has leaked out. If so, they will need to refill the lines with fluorescent dye and enough refrigerant to pressurize the system. After your truck has been running for a while, the technician will check the air conditioning parts and lines using a UV light. If there is a leak, the dye will light up, letting them know which parts to replace.

Additional AC Services Performed by Your Brooksville FL Diesel Mechanic

It’s not always a leak causing your air conditioning system to fail to operate as expected. Sometimes, the significant parts simply fail, leaving either warm air coming out of the vents or nothing at all.

Standard AC service and repair issues handled by diesel mechanics include:

  • Damaged condenser
  • Bad blower motor
  • Failed compressor
  • Stuck blend door
  • Blocked expansion tube
  • Loose hoses
  • Worn seals

Your Brooksville FL diesel mechanic can use their diagnostic expertise to find and replace the broken part. Then, they just have to refill the system and test its function before getting you back on the road.

Ready to Get Your Air Conditioning System Ready for the Summer?

If you’d like to stay cool all summer long, it’s time to come in for AC service and repair at RDI Power. With a call to (352) 433-3800 , you can get all the diesel repair services your truck needs to stay in great shape year-round. If you prefer a callback, simply fill out our online appointment request form, and we’ll get right back to you.