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Caterpillar Diesel Service in Brooksville, FL

Redline Diesel (RDI Power) is a diesel repair shop in Brooksville Florida providing diesel engine services for heavy equipment operators and trucking companies with equipment powered by Caterpillar diesel engines.

RDI Power’s owner, Ryan Bethell, is a Caterpillar certified diesel mechanic and all of RDI’s diesel technicians are experienced in the maintenance, service, and repair of Cat diesel engines. Caterpillar has multiple engine options, like the C7, C9, C10, C11, C12, C13, and C15 diesel engines, all of which we work on.

A Caterpillar engine being working on at RDI Power

What We Work On

Caterpillar diesels power many different types of equipment including:

    • Medium-duty trucks and busses
    • Heavy-duty trucks
    • Heavy equipment
    • Generators
    • Water pumps

…annd more.

Types of Repairs We Perform

We perform all levels of repairs on Caterpillar diesel engines. From basic maintenance to in-frame overhauls to diagnostics and programming, we have the knowledge, experience, and tooling to complete any repair on a Caterpillar engine.

While we perform many different repairs on diesel trucks and heavy equipment, there are some repairs on heavy equipment that our shop is just not equipped to do. Those would be large repairs on heavy equipment like track replacements and replacing swing bearings on excavators. To find out if we can do your needed repairs, call us.

RDI Power in Spring Hill Fl. Caterpillar diesel service performed on brake system of heavy duty truck in shop

Common Repairs

There are some repairs on Caterpillar diesel engines that you’ll find us commonly performing in the RDI Power shop. Those include:

  • Repairs of turbo issues
  • Injector replacement and rebuilds
  • Replacement of blown head gaskets
  • Counterbore problems with liners (c15 acert)
  • C12 front cover bolts coming loose and causing oil leaks

Advanced Caterpillar Diagnostics

RDI Power is equipped with the factory Caterpillar diagnostic software, Cat ET. This allows us to perform repairs on Caterpillar’s ACERT and MEUI fuel systems with the same technical proficiency of a Caterpillar dealership.

Natural Gas Engines

In addition to Diesel-powered Caterpillar engines, we are also able to provide service and repair on natural gas-powered applications.

On-Site Services

With many of the Caterpillar powered applications being large pieces of equipment that may be difficult to transport, RDI Power offers on-site services.

These services include:

  • General maintenance
  • General repairs
  • Diagnostics

To find out if your repair or service is something we can do on-site, call us.

Caterpillar Performance Upgrades

For those who are doing heavy hauling, or those who compete in motorsports such as tractor pulls or truck drag racing, RDI Power can perform performance upgrades to get the most power out of your Caterpillar diesel engine.

Options like performance tunes and turbo upgrades make it fairly easy to double the power output of a Caterpillar engine. A 400 horsepower to 800 horsepower upgrade is completely within the realm of possibility while maintaining a high level of dependability.

RDI Power is Your Caterpillar Diesel Mechanic of Choice

To schedule medium-duty and heavy-duty diesel repairs for your trucks and vehicles running on Caterpillar engines, contact our service center to day. Call us at (352) 433-3800 or use our online scheduling form.