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Custom Fabrication in Brooksville, FL

Are you looking to modify your diesel truck? If so you sure came to the right place. At RedLine Diesel, custom fabrication and modification are not only our specialty but a favorite part of the job. No matter what you’re looking for, we do it!


We perform custom fabrication services like head gasket replacement on a turbocharged engine, pictured here.

Lift kits offer amazing off-road performance at an incredible value. Whether you’re looking to run larger tires, give your vehicle a more aggressive look, or achieve outstanding performance on the trails, RedLine Diesel has the right lift kit for your truck.


One of the easiest and most comprehensive modifications you can do to your diesel truck is a custom engine tuning. From better gas mileage, increased power, to more speed an engine tune can achieve all of these. Many times the benefits that come from the improved gas mileage can pay for the custom tuning in just a matter of time.


This is where the rubber meets the road! One of the most fun modifications you can do to your diesel truck is adding a turbocharger or supercharger. When you step on the accelerator there will be no mistaking your new diesel truck for that old stock engine!


You don’t initially think performance improvement when you think of a modified exhaust but you can actually see not only an improvement in raw horsepower but an up to 5% better fuel efficiency.

If those aren’t good enough reasons you can always count on the deep rumble and growl from a diesel truck that has had an exhaust system modified when you start it up or step on the gas. It’s what a diesel truck owner lives for!

Contact RDI Power for Custom fabrication and Modification in Brooksville, FL

To schedule custom fabrication or any auto repair or related services, call us at (352) 433-3800 or use our online scheduling form. Our auto shop is located at 1665 Donto Way, Brooksville, FL 34601.