Drilling Equipment Service and Repair in Brooksville, FL

Drilling is hard work and requires equipment that is running both safely and smoothly. The diesel mechanics at RDI Power know that the keywords for drilling equal “hard work”. That is why our entire Brooksville-based team is at the ready to provide you, your fleet of diesel vehicles, and your drilling equipment with the best service possible. It’s our job to keep you up and drilling. Safety comes first, quickly followed by optimizing performance and efficiency.

When you need to repair or service any of your drilling trucks or heavy equipment, think of the extraordinarily talented and hard-working team at RDI Power. We love a good challenge, but our team is also happy to help with simple needs to ensure your work continues. RDI Power has a proven track record in the Brooksville community. We often fix the unfixable. Plus, we are proud of our reputation for being helpful and professional. Some of our diesel mechanics started as kids, and they continue because they do love their work!

RDI Power produces quality workmanship, and we take great pride in our diagnostic and repair abilities. We take even greater pride in being able to make our customers happy. Our customer service experience shines in 5-star reviews like this one:

“I have used a lot of diesel mechanics in the past but going forward, I will get all my diesel trucks serviced with Ryan And Jake. These guys are very professional and knowledgeable and they don’t misdiagnose” — Jason C.

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To some, drilling is fun. To others, it’s just plain hard work. Either way, it’s vital that your drilling equipment runs optimally and safely while on the job. No one wants an equipment failure let alone an accident and that’s why RDI Power does the work we do. We can’t guarantee your job site won’t encounter problems, but we will do our darndest to keep you safely moving through the day, every day. Schedule an appointment at RDI Power today for drilling equipment or truck repair or service today. We are conveniently located at 1665 Donto Way, Brooksville, Fl 34601.