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Florida Fall Car Care for Diesels, RVs, and Fleet Vehicles

Florida Fall Car Care for Diesels, RVs, and Fleet Vehicles with RDI Power in Spring Hill FL; image of pickup truck and big rig truck driving on highway in Florida

Although Florida’s warm temps continue through fall, there’s always a chance of sudden downpours and other adverse weather events. So, it’s still rather essential to get your fall car care out of the way at the start of the season – and we’re here to help you out. At RDI Power, we specialize in the maintenance and upkeep of diesel trucks, RVs, and fleet vehicles of all kinds. When you come to our diesel mechanics for service, we can complete all the following services to get your vehicle ready for autumn and beyond.

Windshield Wipers

Even the most powerful diesel trucks won’t make it through the storm if you cannot see the way ahead. Unfortunately, that’ll be the case if you don’t have your windshield wipers replaced at the start of the season. The hot Florida sun often bakes the rubber scraper material, leaving it dry, brittle, and deformed. As a part of your diesel repair services, we’ll replace the wipers and refill your windshield washer fluid so that you can maintain a clear view through all your travels.


As the days get a bit gloomy, you want to have your lights shining brightly wherever you go. That way, you can easily see signage, lines on the roadway, and hazards up ahead. On top of that, other drivers can spot your vehicle coming their way, helping further prevent your risk of collisions. Have your tech restore cloudy headlight lenses and replace any dim or burnt-out bulbs to get your lights in excellent working order.

Tire Services

In Florida, the torrential rains can send several inches of water pouring onto the roadways in just a few minutes. When the rain comes down, that hard, worn tires can struggle to keep up in evacuating water from the contact patch. As that happens, you may find your rig slipping and sliding along instead of maintaining steady footing. To prevent that from happening, just have your tires looked over to see if replacements are in order. On top of that, consider getting your wheel aligned to improve handling further.

Brake Repairs

Even with a solid set of tires on your vehicle, the brakes have to work overtime when the wet weather arrives. Worn brakes can leave you struggling to stop on demand, resulting in the immediate need for diesel, RV, or fleet repair. Want to avoid getting surprised by poor stopping power? Just have your tech inspect your braking system for excessive wear and other faults each season. If they notice any issues, you can get brake services before you lose your ability to stop on a dime.

Need Fall Car Care in Brooksville, FL?

If you need diesel, fleet, or RV repair, call (352) 433-3800  to speak with our team at RDI Power. We will help you find the best time to bring your vehicle down to our Brooksville, FL auto repair shop. During your visit, we’ll handle your fall car care services plus any preventative maintenance tasks due at that time. So, please feel free to reach out to us anytime you need assistance from your trusted diesel mechanic.