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Rebuilt Truck Transmission: Is It Worth It?

Transmission issues can stop you dead in your tracks. If the transmission isn’t working properly, you can’t send power from the engine to the drive wheels. You can press the accelerator all day long and go nowhere fast. In some cases, you will have warning signs that a transmission is going to malfunction, but sometimes, you won’t have any warning. If you do have warning signs, you need to get your truck into RDI Power in Brooksville, FL, as soon as possible, so we can diagnose and repair the problem before it does additional damage.

Close up of heavy truck transmission | RDI Power at Brooksville

Signs of Transmission Problems

Some of the signs you might have problems with your vehicle’s transmission include:

Check Engine Light

If you have an electronic transmission, the check engine light may show a code when you have a problem. You’ll need an auto repair technician to pull the codes and make a further diagnosis. A transmission code doesn’t necessarily indicate a failing transmission; it could relate to a sensor.

Transmission Light

Some vehicles have a transmission light. If it illuminates, you could be low on fluid or have a problem with the gearbox. The light could also signify that the transmission is overheating.


If your vehicle’s engine revs up without the vehicle moving, this is known as ‘slipping’. The most common cause of this is low fluid. However, you could have other issues, such as computer problems, clutch issues, or torque converter problems.

The Transmission Doesn’t Engage

This could be anything from low fluid to a worn clutch. If the fluid is full and is not dirty, contact RDI Power for an appointment to diagnose and repair the problem.

Noises from the Transmission

If the transmission whines, clunks or chatters, you may have a problem with the differential, CV axles or planetary gears. Your diesel technician at RDI Power in Brooksville, FL, can identify the problem.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

If the transmission leaks fluid, you most likely have a bad transmission pan gasket or a leak in one of the transmission lines. Low fluid can damage the transmission; if it gets low enough, the vehicle won’t move.

Rebuilding a Transmission: Is it Worth It?

That’s a big depends. If an experienced transmission rebuild technician rebuilds the transmission and replaces the appropriate parts, it’s definitely worth it since a new transmission can be upwards of $10,000. Rebuilding transmissions is a meticulous job as there are many parts inside. Placing even one part incorrectly could result in the transmission not functioning properly—if at all. It could also overheat, start slipping, or even leak fluid, all of which can damage a newly rebuilt truck transmission.

Our transmission technicians at RDI Power in Brooksville, FL, have years of experience in rebuilding transmissions for various types of trucks. You can be confident of receiving a quality rebuild that could potentially save you thousands of dollars.

Reasons to Rebuild a Truck Transmission at RDI Power in Brooksville, FL

If your truck’s transmission is “done,” you have a choice to replace it or rebuild it. Replacing a transmission is expensive unless you go with a used one, which we don’t recommend. A used transmission will have as many miles on it – or nearly as many – and you don’t know how it was treated when it was in the previous vehicle.

On the other hand, a transmission rebuild is like getting a new transmission. If we have to replace the planetary gears and valve body – the “hard parts,” in addition to the rest of the parts in the transmission, it will be brand-new, except for the case.

Benefits of a transmission rebuild include:

  • Less Costly: In most cases, a rebuild can save you thousands of dollars. Depending on the model, the cost could get close to a new transmission, especially if you have to replace the hard parts, in which case, we’ll let you know and give you a choice of rebuilding or replacing.
  • Connectivity Issues: We use only OEM parts to rebuild transmissions. In many instances, we may not need to replace certain core components. This ensures that the rebuilt transmission will easily reconnect to your truck’s ECU and other electrical systems. This applies only to electronic transmissions; non-electronic transmissions don’t face this issue.
  • Eco-Friendly: When you replace a transmission that doesn’t require all new components, it can be wasteful. When you rebuild, you are only trashing parts that are no longer usable.

Contact RDI Power in Brooksville, FL

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